Conveniently located 50 miles from the coast of Florida, Bahamas consists of 29 islands, more than 600 cays and many rock formations. The beauty of Bahamas lies in its versatility. From the contemporary business districts of Nassau to the casinos crowded with cruisers from around the world, there’s a lot of variety in Bahamas. There are large shopping centers, fast food chain outlets, secluded beaches and golf courses. And if nothing seems to be doing the trick for you in this naturally stunning destination, there’s beer, an infectiously vibrant local culture and a hard to resist, laidback appeal.


Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands are a British Oversea Territory that comprises a trio of islands nestled within the gorgeous Caribbean region. Apart from stunning beaches, the Cayman Islands are also known for offering the world’s best diving conditions, crystal clear waters, and white sandy coast. Visit the Seven Mile Beach for its balmy, turquoise waters or the strangely named Bloody Bay Marine Park. The list of impressive attractions just doesn’t end here. There are plenty of other nature preserves, an endearing turtle farm and a lush forest hiking route. Don’t forget to tuck into plates full of fresh seafood. Fancy petting and feeding marine creatures? You’ve got to visit Stingray City.



If you’ve only witnessed the white sand beaches of the Caribbean, it’s time to be tickled pink with Barbados’ innumerable pink sandy beach stretches contrasting its turquoise waters. The erstwhile British colony is home to several stunning beaches, in addition to a splendid diving opportunities and resorts for all budgets. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of beaches, there are lots of hiking trails and a buzzing nightlife. Bonus – the island offers pleasant all-round year weather and lies comfortably outside the region’s hurricane zone. Think of this as British high tea meets Afro- Caribbean laidback culture.


St. Lucia  

St. Lucia’s dramatic natural beauty is evident in everything from its sharp green mountain peaks to mystical terrains protruding from its crystal clear azure waters. This isn’t really a shopping or partying hotspot but there are plenty of romantic sights and adventure activities to keep visitors on their toes. The island offers excellent diving and windsurfing opportunities, in addition to its naturally stunning hot springs and delectable local cuisine. There’s rarely a dull moment here.



One of the Caribbean’s most destinations throughout the year, Aruba is known for its luxury shopping choices, stunning weather, golf courses and incredibly amazing international cuisine. Then there are the pristine sand beaches and plenty of entertainment options (think casinos and gaming destinations). There’s no denying Aruba’s touristy appeal, but it is equally warm and welcoming. Low crime, lots of family friendly hotels and a predominantly varied visitor profile, there’s no stopping the fun at Aruba. You can’t leave without visiting the adults-only Flamingo Beach known for its cute and friendly pink flamingos.


Turks and Caicos Islands

The Turks and Caicos Islands offer postcard perfect scenery that comprises long stretches of white sand beaches, turquoise waters and lots of local eateries. You can enjoy everything from deep sea diving to snorkeling to farm and sanctuary hopping. Witness the region’s majestic coral reefs or check into all inclusive resort that offers plenty of amenities and recreation options. Oh! And if you aren’t in a mood to blow the bucks here, there are plenty of charming local bed and breakfast options.


St. Martin and St. Maarten 

St. Martin and St. Marteen are two distinct regions of the French and Dutch portions of the Island, with each having their own food, language, government and even general demeanor. The best part? There’s no stringent border separating one from another. You can hop across both the section with ease. St. Marteen has lots of timeshares and high rises, which are sought after by the Americans. Then there are the high-end international brand outlets, and charming old streets of Philipsburg. St. Marteen also has lots of lively pubs and nightclubs. St. Martin, on the other hand, nestles plenty of natural attractions (more than 40 beaches offering a plethora of adventure activities such as parasailing and jet skiing) like Orient Beach. The island is touted to offer the most spectacular snorkeling conditions. Heck, even the airport is located bang next door to a popular beach.



If you’re a digger for partying, enjoying a vibrant local culture and good food, there’s no better place to descend than Jamaica. Its powdery sand beaches and high end resorts are a huge draw, and so is the world renowned music scene (you’ll rarely find a local who can’t sing or do the reggae with adequate swag). Oh! And it isn’t all party and merrymaking here, Jamaica also features some fascinating historic homes, stunning forest waterfalls and an assortment of local delicacies such as jerk chicken and salt fish preparations.



A tiny British territory, Anguilla is accessible only via flights to St. Martin or San Juan, followed by a ferry ride or seaplane journey. While visitors mostly dine at a famous local eatery (lots of celebrity spotting opportunities) or sip on a cocktail at sundown at one of the myriad beach bars here, Anguilla is also known for its stunning spas, private beach resorts and ultra-luxe golf courses. The clear winner here, however, is the food.


Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has been much sought after by visitors of all budgets owing to its rich history, intriguing culture and a relaxed, laidback vibe. Top this with gorgeous white sand beaches, a vibrant party scene, affordable accommodation options (think all- inclusive resorts of varied budgets) and six (yes you read that right) international airports, making it convenient to hop from the United States and other countries. You just can’t leave without sampling it’s near heavenly and fresh sea-food. Lots of local beachside eateries and shacks serving its catch of the day to famished tourists! Indulge, we say.


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