Venice, Italy

Venice is slowing sinking, and the large number of tourists who descend upon the romantic and mystical Italian hotspot aren’t helping its cause. According to local residents, tourism has impacted the level of pollution and condition of heritage sites in the city. What happens next? Authorities enforce stringent rules regarding everything from dressing up in public to damaging buildings to littering.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Well well, the Game of Thrones has taken its toll and now Croatia is inundated with GOT fans, who are hell bent of exploring every nook and corner of this coastal hotspot. Dubrovnik has witnessed a steep rise in tourism (10 percent) in 2015. The city isn’t really equipped to tackle such a huge tourist influx, which is why the mayor has limited the tourist number to 4000 tourists (from 8,000 tourists earlier) a day for the next couple of years. Yes, drastic problems require drastic measures!


New York City, New York

Everyone in the world wants to visit New York City at least once in their lifetime. The city presently features a hotel room capacity of 113,000, though the number is expected to scale up to 137,000 in 2019. The trending social media food outlets are not helping either, drawing more and more tourists to the Big Apple in search of bigger adventures! Don’t believe us? Go and check out the waiting line at one of these Instagram worthy food places. Locals often reminisce about the times when NYC was not under the tourist siege.



According to a piece in the New York Times, a tourist influx of 3.5 million visitors over a year has resulted in shortage of food for local residents, who are now grabbling to purchase basic necessities, since the costs have soared as these essentials are not stocked by resorts and hotels to cater to uber cool tourists. Sad? You bet! Though the government has stepped in and capped prices of local good available to locals, I’ll take time for Cuba to recover from the tourist onslaught.


Big Major Cay Island, Bahamas

Yes, we all have watched and loved videos of those cute little pigs swimming in water. However, these creatures are dying in alarming numbers because of irresponsible tourists who have been feeding them and making them intake too much beach sand in the process. Well, if this sounds bad enough, wait until you hear more. Raucous tourists have been known to feed them alcohol and even use them for joy rides. No wonder pig owners are now frantically working with the authorities to come up with a solution to curb the menace.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam has for long been the destination of choice for the party and good life loving tourist population. Its liberal values, regularized red lights areas, legalized weed consumption etc. have been raved about shining examples of liberalism. However what was once a beautiful and freedom canal city has been hijacked by Airbnb rentals, crowded streets and semi destroyed historic sites.


Prague, Czech Republic

Well, what happens when a place offers affordable holidays, a buzzing party scene and very cheap drinks? It is ransacked by tourists looking to have a good time without worrying about how their fun can negatively impact locals. Tourist activities in the beautiful and serene city of Prague got so boisterous that authorities had to resort to drastic measures and strictly enforce a quiet night time from 10pm onwards each night.


Barcelona, Spain

Locals are absolutely clear about their dislike for tourists and tourism related activities that have converted the city into a crowded, sightseeing hub. Other than a few violent protests against tourism some time ago, many city attraction now have brand new rules for tourists to combat nefarious tourist activities.
The La Boqueria market does not allow tourist groups with over 15 members. This is what happens when you block a city’s traffic for a few photographs and disrupt the life of local customers and vendors.


Santorini, Greece

Yes, pictures of Santorini’s blue and white homes are all over travel magazines and brochures. However, a huge tourist influx during summers is causing this beautiful island destination to lose its serene appeal. There’s hardly any place to stand or move around during peak summers, when everyone is trying hard to grab images of its famous homes and sunsets for their Instagram feed. While the population of the island is a little over 15,000 people, the number of tourists visiting the island was a staggering 790,000 in 2015.


Reykajvik, Iceland

Given the amount of discounted and reduced airfares available for this hot and happening Icelandic city, Reykajvik has become one of the most sought after vacation destinations for globetrotters. So much so, that it is overwhelmed with the prospect of handling such a large tourist influx all of a sudden. In 2015 alone, the amount of tourists who descended upon the city touched a whopping 1.26 million. While officials recognize the contribution of tourism in lifting the nation’s economy, they are also contending with depleting local infrastructure as a result of the large number of visitors who want to savor a slice of Iceland’s hippest and liveliest cities.


Machu Pichu, Peru

The erstwhile Inca village is on the radar of every archeologically inclined visitor. It attracts hordes of daily visitors looking to explore this intriguing and complex UNESCO World Heritage site. Sadly, these very same tourists are causing damage and destruction to the precious ancient site. Strict rules about hiring guides and staying only on designated paths are being enforced now to curb the tourism related menace. Why is it so tough to respect the rules of a land that is hosting us travelers? There is a cap on the number of daily visitors.


Rome, Italy

Rome is historical, artistic, cultural, culinary and architectural grandeur all rolled into one. Sadly, the epicenter of one of the world’s most ancient civilizations is falling apart due to irresponsible tourism. In 2017, a tourist was held for attempting to carve his clan’s name at the much visited Colosseum. The result? A vandalizing fine of about $23,000.


Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel is a spectacular cruise stop over encircled by turquoise Caribbean waters. The island is rich in coral reefs, which have been slowly and steadily destroyed by divers. Reefs are also being damaged as a result of heavy ship traffic. The island’s natural resources are sadly been consumed by an over enthusiastic tourist population that doesn’t seem to care about its impact on the ecology of a destination.


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