One of the best things about this quaint and colorful Czech Capital is that all major monuments and sightseeing options are within easy walking distance. Wherever you put up, you are a hop away from the legendary Prague Castle and the fascinating Old Town region. Take in vantage point views of the city (gorgeous, vibrant homes, Gothic churches and Renaissance era palaces) from the Petrin funicular. Buy tickets for performances at exclusive venues from stands around the city (surprisingly affordable).

Helsinki, Finland

The capital of one of Europe’s highest ranking nations in terms of safety and prosperity is obviously a hotspot for solo travelers seeking their fix of art (yes, this is indeed the undisputed art capital of the world) culture, relaxation and the famous cheery spirit. Helsinki is laid-back and visually stunning. Plus it features tones of old-worldly seaside village communities and delectable treats. A third of the entire city is occupied by green cover, making it naturally beautiful too. If you’re a water baby, you’ll enjoy island hopping through its 330 plus islands.

Vienna, Austria

The Austrian Capital is known for its fantastic music scene, where you can leisurely plonk yourself inside a tradition and cozy café while enjoying the sights and sounds of the city passing by. Visit the iconic Schonbrunn Palace, book a show at the famous opera house or catch the city’s rapidly growing design scene. A Mercer study for expats has ranked it among the top five safest cities in the world.


A easy train navigation system on the famous London underground, fascinating sightseeing options (spoilt for choice with Harry Potter tours, Windsor Castle strips, Madame Tussauds, Levensden Warner Bros. Studio, London Bridge, Buckingham Palace – the list is endless), a fantastic pub culture and irresistible shopping options (think Oxford Street, Selfridges and more) – London is a potpourri of never ending adventures for the solo traveler.

Bruges, Belgium

Go past the canals and willows and you’ll know what a real fairy tale town this is. From quaint little shops in Market Square to cute little ponds and gardens smack in the middle of the city, Bruges is a delight for the solo traveler. Stroll around the city to explore its lofty towers, medieval churches, pretty canals and cobblestone streets.

Copenhagen, Denmark

It isn’t without good reason that Denmark is known as the happiest place on earth. It has all the signature comforts of Scandinavian destinations, along with a bonus of the famous Danish breakfast (now you know why they are the happiest bunch of people on earth). From advanced infrastructure to a convenient metro system to being the world’s best city for biking, Denmark never fails to stun you!

Stockholm, Sweden

The chic yet delightfully quaint Swedish capital features everything from cobblestoned old town streets to old-worldly bridges to islands (more than 14) and even a 19th century amusement part. You’ll find theme based and artistic subway stations, low crime rate and lots of free walking trips in and around the city.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The most fantastic place to bump into fellow solo travelers and backpackers is probably a festival in Edinburgh. Few European destinations do festivals with the same panache as the Scottish Capital. From the Jazz and Blues Festival to the Edinburgh festival Fringe to the International Film Festival, Edinburgh just doesn’t need a reason to celebrate.

Paris, France

The ultra romantic City of Lights is just as fascinating for a solo traveler as it is for a cozy twosome. From walking down the charming Champs-Elysees to discovering the legendary Montmartre paths to trying to grasp the incredible beauty of Louvre, Paris is a year round party for art, culture, food and shopping lovers. Witness the breathtaking beautiful stained glass of Sainte Chapelle or discover whimsical little shops such as Shakespeare and Company (bookstrore).

Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne is a gorgeous and traveler friendly Swiss town that is conveniently nestled in central Switzerland on Lake Lucerne’s tip. The mountain top destination houses the Water Tower, charming homes and Chapel Bridge. It can be an easy-going experience for your first solo trip. While the station is within easy walking distance from the heart of the Town, Lucerne can be entirely explored by walking.


Iceland has consistently earned top honors in terms of being one of the planet’s safest and most peaceful countries. With about 21 hours of daylight during summer and low flight costs, it would be foolish for solo travelers to miss this popular European destination. Reykjavik features a huge line-up of pubs, hostels and eateries. Don’t miss grabbing a bite at Baejarins Beztu Pysur hot dog stand, whose famous patrons include Kim Kardashian. Party away your blues in one of the city’s most happening pubs!

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is bold and edgy yet historic and rooted in its erstwhile origins. This fascinating combination of classic and contemporary makes it one of the worlds’ most interesting cities. Visit the iconic Berlin Wall (the East Side Gallery is worth checking out) as well as the famous Brandenburg Gate. Don’t forget to feast of currywurst at one of Berlin’s several, little-known yet fabulous eateries. Then there are endless department stores and street markets to keep retail therapy seekers delighted.

Bergen, Norway

The warm and welcoming Norwegian town is known for its serene spots and idyllic beauty. Explore Bergen’s much treasured wooden homes that have fittingly found their way into the UNESCO Heritage list. From the vast, open fish market to jaw dropping sights such as Mount Ulriken Cable Car to spectacular vasts from the Floibanen funicular, Bergen is not as hyped as some other European hotspots yet deserves a place on your solo European bucket list. Don’t forget to visit Trodhaugen, home of musician Edvard Grieg.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is cheerful, friendly and welcoming – everything a solo traveler needs. There is something about the Irish Capital that instantly makes you feel at home. From discovering St. Patrick’s Cathedral to exploring the breathtakingly beautiful Dublin Castle, Ireland is a delight for the senses. A Post Office Travel Insurance research dubbed it one of the safest cities. Opt for a Leap Card, a money saver city pass that lets you zip around the city on a budget.


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