Amsterdam, Netherlands

Apart from being the top ranker where the world’s most livable cities for millennials is concerned, Amsterdam also scores when it comes to alternate sexuality friendliness (one of the important determinants for millennials) and a liberal, open attitude that embraces different ways of life. It won the top spot for being the most LGBT friendly city based on a ILGA Annual Rainbow Report data, in addition to its liberal legislation, a live and let live philosophy and inclusive values.

Berlin, Germany

If there’s one philosophy that defines the attitude of millennials, it is work hard and party hard. Berlin with its sheer number of nightclubs and pubs, and flexible opening/closing nightlife venue hours scores big on work opportunities as well as a thriving nightlife. It is little wonder then that young professionals wants to make a beeline for Germany’s eclectic metropolis.

Munich, Germany

Close on the heels of its northern counterpart, Munich is another preferred millennial city for its employment options as well as start up friendly environment. This is known to be a good option for youngsters looking to make career leaps. Plus, there’s Oktoberfest, one of Europe’s most iconic festivals.

Lisbon, Portugal

This long ignored Portuguese capital has suddenly managed to grab a lot of attention as one of the best places to travel and live. It ranks favorably on several factors such as cost of living, local food, cheap beer and a well-developed public transport system. All in all, everything millennials want!

Antwerp, Belgium

This has been consistently appearing on Nestpick’s best cities for millennials for a host of reasons. To begin with, Antwerp has a flourishing nightlife and great internet speed (who knew this was a determining decision making factor for millennials). Then there are the myriad music festivals. Plus, it ranks high on the Apple score, which is nothing but the number of Apple outlets per capita. Sounds comical? Yeah, we’re laughing too but this is said to be a serious indicator of millennials migrating to a city.

Barcelona, Spain

Though it isn’t the best city in terms of employment opportunities, Barcelona has a lot going for it in terms of food, culture, beer and tourism. It also scores well in the health department. How can you not feel good when you live in the midst of crisp Mediterranean air, fresh sea food and good old sangria? Plus, there’s tapas to rave about!

Lyon, France

Lyon has a healthy, relatively pollution-free living environment, together with high speed Wi-Fi (there again, we told you this is important) and a well-organized public transport infrastructure. Top this off with a bustling nightlife, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an upcoming millennial city.

Cologne, Germany

One of the biggest advantages of setting home in Cologne is that you don’t have to jostle for space with hordes of tourists. Tourism isn’t growing at an alarming rate here, compared to other European cities, which means you can still enjoy your leisurely evening stroll without pushing for space. The social justice quotient is rather string in Cologne, and the food plus drinks are great too. The city is off beat yet delightful!

Paris, France

The UN Word Health Report has ranked all French cities well in terms of healthy living. Paris scores well on several factors including health and nightlife. There’s a lot of art, music and performances for culture buffs, only if you can deal with the heavy concentration of tourism. The French capital surprisingly doesn’t score very flatteringly when it comes to culinary treats and beer. So maybe, this may just be the opportunity for you to launch your own pub or eatery in one of the cities chic arrondissements.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver currently features one of the most start-up friendly scenes in the world, which is great for enterprising millennials. Then there are the music festivals and a favorable immigration policy. The authorities are believed to be welcoming and friendly towards immigrants, thus making this North American city a much sought after migration destination for young professionals.

Austin, Texas

Another North American metropolis, Austin has outdone cities such as San Fran to emerge as the top US based city for millennials. What makes it so special over other United States hotspots you ask? It has one of the country’s best music scenes, and the speediest internet connection for any millennial city on Nestpick’s list (now that’s awesome). Combine this with an emerging start-up scene, and Austin sounds like the perfect millennial city.

Zurich, Switzerland

Lush natural beauty, surrounded by glistening lakes and the famous Swiss Alps, a safe, low crime atmosphere, fresh air, a well developed/connected transport system linking Zurich with other European cities, good food (who can resist ever resist cheese and chocolates?) makes Zurich an ideal destination for millennials looking to get away from the chaos and pollution of a regular city life.

Valencia, Spain

Valencia scores high on affordable housing, in addition to health, culinary delights and high speed internet connection. Plus, there’s a high beer and nightlife score. Who can resist the exotic and intriguing culture of Spain coupled with its splendid natural beauty? Soak up in its cultural and natural magnificence!

The Hague, Netherlands

Another Dutch city coming close on the heels of Amsterdam, The Hague is another popular millennial city that is known for its efficient public transport system. Plus the much hot and happening city comes alive with plenty of events and festivals to keep its residents on their toes. Then, there is a strong sense of gender equality and Netherland’s liberal attitude. Think a less crowded and quieter version of the most bustling Amsterdam with the same values and infrastructure.

Montreal, Canada

Montreal, much like Vancouver scores high on immigration tolerance. The authorities as well as locals are warm and welcoming of immigrants, unlike many other nations. Plus this North American city with charming French influences scores high on the festival scene as well as the LGBT friendliness score. Montreal is also picturesque and features a pleasant, old-wordly charm, which makes it a perfect abode for youngsters looking for a culturally rich and serene yet happening North American city.

London, United Kingdom

The fact that London scores high on tourism is no secret. However, it also ranks high for its thriving nightlife, well-developed public transport and innumerable food outlets (yes, you’ll practically lay your hands on every type of cuisine in this buzzing and eclectic English Capital). And who can resist the hundreds of shopping outlets, department stores and high street stores?


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