Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

This stunning underwater restaurant features a depth of 16 feet and can accommodate only 14 guests at a time, which makes it super exclusive. What’s so swish about it? The place features 270 degree panoramic vistas of the gorgeous blue ocean, a variety of European preparations and sophisticated co-diners. But then, people hardly come for the food served here.


Restaurant Le Panoramic, France

Located 3,000 meters over sea level, this stellar French Alps restaurant features a swish appeal and spectacular views of the mountains from the moment you step inside. Sit anywhere at La Panoramic, and true to its name, you’ll be treated to breathtaking vistas, while tucking into platefuls of gourmet French food. As if the awe-inspiring views didn’t already do the trick, the chefs here are known to create local lunches, traditional treats and lots of haute cuisine options to give tourists a taste of globally renowned French delicacies. Bon appetite!


Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant, Kenya

This cave restaurant located in Diani Beach Kenya features, among other striking elements, native African interiors, dazzling flashlights (for a perfect romantic set-up) and an unmistakably warm vibe. Go there to enjoy a ‘just can’t go wrong’ romantic date night out. The atmosphere is truly intimate and romantic! This should be on top of your Kenyan bucket list. Yes wild watching and dining at Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant are quintessential Kenyan experiences that will leave you asking for more. Housed in the insides of a cave, the eatery doesn’t give you a claustrophobic feel owing to an open roof.


Grotta Palazzese, Italy

Grotta Palazzese is all about the experience of dining in the midst of nature in an intriguing grotto. There are two humongous apertures swept awash by the sea, the result of which is this massive hall that has been cleverly converted into a fine dining experience. This was once the regal venue that hosted many of Bari’s sought after balls and wedding receptions. Today, there’s a single unusual restaurant that wows tourists with its unusual appeal.


The River Café, New York

The River Café in New York is the kind of stuff your dreams are made of. This once in a lifetime experience offering restaurant presents not just stunning views, but also a distinctly upscale vibe and great food. Of course, the prices match the swish atmosphere. Don’t believe us? Go there once and it’ll remain an unforgettable experience for life.


Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania

The restaurant is unusually nestled in on the edge of a crater, which makes for a stunning dining experience. Experience a bonanza of striking Tanzanian views, in addition to tradition African treats that you’ve read about since long. Carry a pair of binoculars to you also spot the famed wildlife of Tanzania strutting around in the nearby reserves. Wow, dining and wildlife views, can an authentic African dining experience get any better?


Skyline Restaurant, New Zealand

Queenstown is the hub of adventure tourism that draws adrenaline rush seeking junkies from all across the world. From rafting to bungee jumping to sky diving, extreme sports are the highlight here. Oh, and where there’s sports, there has got to be hunger too! The Skyline Restaurant is located over the lift of this popular extreme sports center, and offers jaw dropping views of Queenstown’s memorable landscape. Adventure sports and food – can anything ever go wrong with this combination?


The Samaya Villas, Indonesia

Bali – the place conjures images of strikingly beautiful sunsets, gorgeous beaches, lush rice paddies and stunning temples. How about a dreamy dinner on Bali’s sandy coast? The Samaya Villas offers eclectic global cuisine in a stunning sun, sea and sand backdrop. Kill the homesickness by digging into global preparations that are served in style in the backdrop of Bali’s spectacular tangerine sky at sundown. Can it get any fancier than this?


The Sierra Mar Restaurant, California

Sierra Mar restaurant located in California is known for its pristine natural surroundings (located in the middle of San Francisco’s nature reserve), striking sunsets and unmistakably gorgeous ocean views. Savor delicious meals, while the sea breeze gently caresses your face. Well, this may just be the California dream everyone refers to!


Ocean Restaurant, Bora Bora

Bora Bora is famous for it’s over the water luxury resorts and clear, cerulean waters. Visitors are permitted to dine in this translucent water views offering and tranquil restaurant smack in the middle of Bora Bora’s glorious sea. Enjoy a fine dining experience in the arms of the ocean, while you savor the taste of good food and even better wine! Truly romantic and memorable!


Delaire Graff Restaurant, South Africa

Take an exciting food journey through the stunning Simonberg Mounatin and Estate Vineyards in the heart of South African. Apart from exotic local food, visitors are treated to amazing views of vineyard estates and a mountainous landscape. Hey, and did we tell you how amazing the wine here is? No? Ssshh, let this hidden gem remain a secret!


The Signature Room, Chicago

One among Chicago’s several well-known restaurants, the Signature Room at 95th in Chicago is a dream come true for most diners. Housed on the 95th floor of the soaring John Hancock Center, it offers striking vistas of Chicago city and the adjacent Lake Michigan. Yes the glittering lights casting their reflection on this massive lake is worth experiencing. Reserve a table before sunset to experience lights swirling across the city. You really will forget about the food when you catch sweeping views of Chicago’s nocturnal skyscape.


Le Jules Verne, France

Located inside the Eiffel Tower in France at 407 feet, Le Jules Verne is one of the planet’s most iconic restaurants. Visitors can enjoy a wholesome experience of cultural programs, gastronomy tours, fantastic city views, great music and French haute cuisine. And we haven’t even begun mentioning the splendid Parisian views you’ll be treated to. The city’s sparkling night skyscape is worth witnessing many times over.


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