Portugal is as hot a destination for travelers as the more popular Iceland and Norway. According to a survey conducted by American Express, planned tours to the Portugal have increased by up to 86 percent year after year for the initial quarter of 2018. This can be attributed to a multitude of experiences offered in the European natural and cultural hotspot. From sunbathing of Algarve’s immaculate beaches to exploring Lisbon’s red tiled homes to exploring an array of ancient castles and churches, there’s a lot to do here. Don’t miss tucking into a delicious sea-food platter. The safe and friendly vibe of Portugal makes it a much sought after solo travel destination. Don’t forget to bring back a bottle of wine from Porto, the place where wine originated.


Valetta, Malta

Valetta will be Europe’s cultural capital for 2018, and if that’s not reason enough to head to this quaint yet thoroughly fascinating city, we don’t know what is. Explore the well-preserved destination that dates back to the 16th century. Housing 320 monuments, the small country boasts of having the highest concentration of UNESCO historic sites. You just can’t skip the mammoth city gate, the grand palace and St. John’s Cathedral. Encircled by the blue waters of the Mediterranean, you will always be near a pristine beach.


Seville, Spain

The capital of the Spanish Andalucía region, Seville is a cultural bonanza for travelers seeking unique, off-beat experiences without breaking the bank. The best change brought about Seville is swapping its vehicles for cycles and trams. Little wonder then that Lonely Planet named it the number one city for 2018. There’s breathtaking Moorish architecture to admire, along to endless museums and art galleries. The destination is celebrating Bartolome Esteban Murillo’s 400th anniversary. It is also hosting the European Film Awards, other than being the filming location for the next “Game of Thrones” season.


Sichuan, China

China’s southwestern region is known for more than its fiery pepper and spicy culinary preparations. Dunked in chili oil and the famed Sichuan pepper, the food is nothing short of lip smackingly good. Then there are the breathtaking outdoors spread across mountains and natural reserves. Visit the Jiuzhaigou National Park as well as Yading Nature Reserve, where you can catch sightings of China’s famous giant pandas. Culturally bitten travelers can enjoy a traditional Sichuanese opera, a spectacular performance that involves fire-breathing and mask dance. Leshan houses the planet’s largest Buddha statue.



Singapore is a fascinating melting pot of cultures that is set against the background of ultra futuristic skyscrapers, swish resorts, world class family entertainment destination and innumerable shopping choices for all budgets. You’ll probably savor the best Asian street food in the bylanes of Singapore (especially China Town and Little India). Believe it or not, a Singaporean street food stall has been awarded a Michelin star. Check out spectacular skyline views from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Visit Manhattan, Regent Hotel’s in-house bar that was named the continent’s top bar. Singapore is a treat all the way. Click On the Next Button to See Next.


Tbilisi, Georgia

One of the planets’s most overlooked destinations; Tbilisi is located at the intersection of Europe and Asia. Apart from ancient trade route traces, the city boasts of several erstwhile churches, cobblestone streets and old wine cellars. Catch panoramic vistas of of the surrounding mountains from every corner of this charming, old-wordly city. Immaculate, glistening lakes, emerald mountains and a fast emerging contemporary appearance, Tbilisi is a treasure trove of delights waiting to be opened.


New Mexico

New Mexico is gradually making its way into the savvy traveler’s bucket list. However it isn’t uncomfortably crowded yet. Featuring desert sand, bright red rocks, enchanting adobe houses and fascinating art dating back to native Indians, New Mexico has plenty to keep you enthralled. Outdoor buffs will enjoy exploring Carlsbad Caverns National Park and White Sands National Monument. Art lovers can hop over to the myriad art galleries and museums of Santa Fe. Go during October for the International Balloon fiesta hosted in Albuquerque, when the sky is decked up with vibrant balloons.


Chicago, Illinois

Designated the “Restaurant City of the Year” by Bon Appetit magazine, the “Windy City” is a much sought after hub for foodies from all over the planet. This sizzling hot food destination hips up everything from the iconic Chicago deep dish pizza to the absolutely scrumptious Au Cheval burger. Bite into a hearty portion of the deep dish at one of the metropolis’ institution such as Pequod’s and Lou Malnati. Alinea, one of the United States’ best restaurants, is worth experiencing. Hey, and you can’t miss the newly opened Nutella Café that’s creating quite a stir on the social media. Chicogo isn’t just about food though. There are plenty of parks, beaches, museums and breweries, not to mention endless music festivals. Langham Chicago has been named the best five star property in the United States for 2018. You really don’t need any more reason to make your way into “Windy City.”


La Paz, Bolivia

Another Latin American cultural bonanza, La Paz is known for its spectacular scenery, convenient aerial cable cars and culturally rich urban setting. The city is perfect is for budget travelers who seek value in destinations. Featuring trendy eateries, swish hotels and relaxing cafes, the city helps travelers enjoy a bouquet of experiences and natural resources. Watch glimpses of the gorgeous Andes Mountains or enjoy a cable car ride atop Mi Teleferico. Of course, you can walk the old city’s quarters where quaint homes and monuments line up the cobbled streets.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

The dollar has gone up about 13.5% in Argentina in 2017, which translates into an exotic cultural vacation without spending a fortune. The Latin American hotspot is known to be a cultural paradise with its striking architecture, top notch art, vibrant people, seductive tango dancing, buzzing music and the famed Argentinean steak and wine. The hub of indulgences of all kinds offers a heady mélange of both Latin American and quintessentially European experiences. Don’t leave without trying the insanely delicious yerba matte.


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