Mumbai, India

You’ll know how crowded Mumbai is by taking one look at the staggering number of people traveling in its local trains. Well well, it’s not all bad here though the public transportation needs more streamlining. Mumbai is also India’s wealthiest metropolis, with its cumulative wealth pegged at $280 billion USD. The population of Mumbai in 2016 was 21,257,000.


Sao Paulo, Brazil

Yes, Sao Paulo is a hot and happening tourist destination. However, it is also the southern hemisphere’s most densely populated metropolis. It is an important business city, in addition to being a tourist hotspot. Sao Paulo is the base for a large variety of Brazilian industries. The popularity of this Brazilian hotspot has increased even more post the FIFA fever a few years ago. population is 21,297,000


Tokyo, Japan

In 2016, Tokyo was the earth’s most populated city with a population of 38,140,000. Recognized all over the its futuristic technology and world class designs, the city has a lot going for it. Its streets are packed with thousands of people during peak hours, making commuting a challenging task. There’s some hope though. Tokyo’s population is slated to reduce to 37,190,000 in the coming decade. Watch people jostling past each other to get home at the end of each day.


Delhi, India

The Indian capital is the planet’s second most densely populated cities, slated to grow even more in coming years. Phew! According to a United Nations estimation, the population of Delhi (26,454,000 in 2016) is slated to raise by 10 million people by 2030. Now those are really scary figures for a metropolis that’s already grappling with issues related to population explosion. One visit to its street markets and areas such as Chandni Chowk, and you’ll know how densely populated Delhi is.


Shanghai, China

Another crowded Chinese city that has consistently earned a place in the list of the world’s most densely populated cities. It isn’t just another popular destination for travelers seeking to savor a slice of the exotic oriental culture with the added jazz of a quintessentially urban appeal. The city is also one of China’s most significant commercial and financial cities and a busy port. The population of Shanghai in 2016 was 24,84,000.


Beijing, China

The population of Beijing was 21,240,000 in 2016. China happens to be the home to several most densely populated cities in the world. Beijing is not just the capital city and an important commercial/financial center but also a much visited global traveler destination (mostly for commercial purposes). The population figure is also expected to 27,706,000 by 2030.


Ciudad de Mexico Or Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is like a package deal that offers visitors everything from history to ancient culture to great food to thriving industries. The crowded and busy city houses Tenochtitlan (the erstwhile Aztec Capital) and is a popular Latin American business center.


Osaka, Japan

The population of Osaka, Japan was 20,337,000 in 2016, though it is anticipated to fall to 19,976,000 in the next decade. Over the past few years, the city has been witnessing declining numbers owing to a low birth rate. The city’s expat population is increasingly rapidly though.


Cairo, Egypt

The population of Cairo in 2016 was 19,128,000. The world knows Cairo as the heart of ancient Egyptian culture where you can witness a slice of erstwhile Egyptian life in the forms of the famous Pyramids of Giza. Don’t go by the photographs of a sparsely populated desert filled with pyramids. The city of Cairo is densely populated. One visit to its bustling markets and you’ll know how crowded it can get here.

New York, USA


The population spread between New York City, the surrounding areas in New York state and New Jersey’s Newark, this is one of the world’s most densely populated metropolitan regions. Did you know that two-fifth of New York State’s population is housed in New York City alone? Imagine the concentration of people in a single city compared to the rest of the state. Still want to move to NYC? Glamour struck, aren’t we? The population of the New York metropolitan area was 18,604,000 in 2016.


Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka has a massive population, which is growing at a rapid pace. With approximately 44, 5000 persons/square kilometer, it is one of Asia’s most crowded capitals. Dhaka earned the title of the planet’s most densely populated metropolis. Go to any market or square and you’ll find hordes of people descending from everywhere. Not for the fainted hearted tourist.


Karachi, Pakistan

As Pakistan’s busiest commercial and financial centers, Karachi is densely populated and crowded. It is an important port for business and transportation, housing multiple industries. Karachi’s population is expected to rise to 24,838,000 people by 2030. Now that’s one busy and crowded business city.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

The capital of Argentina in 2016 houses a population of 15,334,000 people. It is the center of several primary industries, including manufacturing, commerce and tourism. Due to a huge aging population and reduced birth rates, Argentina’s population is slated to touch 16,956,000 by 2030. There’s no denying that the Argentinean capital is exotic and culturally rich, but it is also exceedingly crowded.


Kolkata, India

Located in Eastern India, Kolkata is one of the country’s most crowded cities. Visit any public market or take a walk down the street to know what we mean. The crowds become even more insane and maddening during festivals. Located near the Bangladeshi border, Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal and one of the state’s busiest cities. There are around 15 government run universities in the metropolis, in addition to several private educational institutions.


Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul draws tourists from all around the planet for its exotic appeal and glorious culture. The new airport in the city is still under construction, which when ready is expected to hold a whopping 150 million flyers in 2018. The current city population is pegged at 14,365,000 people.


Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is one of the world’s busiest commercial regions, featuring a population of 13,661,000 people. It is also one of Nigeria’s and the planet’s most rapidly growing cities. According to United National project estimation, the population here is slated to go up to 24,239,000. Scary? You bet!


Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou’s population in 2016 was a staggering 13,070,000. The busy port and China’s third largest city is also one of Asia’s biggest manufacturing and business regions, which brings hordes of workers here. Most of the made in China products you find in the international market are made in Guangzhou.


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